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University of the West UWest Scholarship

? University of the West UWest Scholarship

UWest Scholarship

The institution has established the UWest Scholarship to encourage and motivate
outstanding students to pursue and complete their educational studies at the University of
the West.
How to Apply:
For students who wish to be considered for UWest Scholarship they must submit the

  1. Completed and signed UWest Financial Aid Application form;
  2. A completed and signed University of the West International Student Supplemental
    Application for financial aid. (International students only)
  3. Application Deadline is April 1.
  4. It is the student’s responsibility to ensure that all documents are submitted on time.
    Applications submitted after the above-mentioned deadline will only be considered
    under exceptional circumstances if funds are still available.
     Award is made with the intent of reducing a portion of the required tuition and fees
    to be paid for a specific semester. No money will be paid to the student.
     Maximum award amount is $1,000 per semester or $2,000 maximum per academic
    year for full-time students. For non full-time students, the award amount will be
    prorated based on the number of credits registered.
     Number of scholarships awarded will be determined by the Financial Aid Committee
    every year.
    Term of Award:
     This scholarship is an annual award that covers Fall and Spring semesters only.
    Summer session(s) is not included. Recipients are subject to a mid-year progress
    review during the first two weeks of the second semester (Please see below).
     This scholarship is available to continuing degree-seeking students at UWest. ELI
    students or students seeking a certificate only are not qualified for this scholarship.

     Minimum required GPA 3.2 for graduates, GPA 3.0 for undergraduates. Exceptions
    may be made based on the individual cases. Students who have GPA lower than the
    minimum requirements may still be considered for the scholarship acceptance if
    they are able to demonstrate the distinguished strength in other aspects of the
    evaluation criteria.
     Student must be enrolled at least half-time to qualify for this scholarship.
    Scholarship Criteria:
    Leadership – Demonstrate initiative in making constructive contributions to UWest
    and/or the wider community. This may include suggestions and/or organization of activities that have led to curriculum, institutional or community improvements.
    Service – A demonstrated record of service activities that contribute to the wellbeing of UWest and/or the wider community.
    Integrity – Demonstrate behavior that reflects “Honesty”, “Compassion”,
    “Equanimity” and “Appreciation for Differences”.
    Academic Achievement – Candidates should be in satisfactory academic standing.
    Minimum GPA requirement to meet the eligibility.
    Mid-year Progress Review:
     During the first two weeks of the second semester, recipients of the scholarship will be reviewed for eligibility based on their enrollment status, academic progress.
    Recipients may be disqualified for the scholarship if the eligibility and scholarship criteria are no longer met. Other Important Terms and Conditions:
  5. This scholarship is non-transferable and may not be delayed or postponed.
  6. This scholarship cannot be awarded in conjunction with President’s Scholarship, Dean’s Scholarship, IBEF Scholarship, Buddha’s Light Fellowship or Lotus Scholarship. Student must return the scholarship fund if other scholarship money is received.
  7. A scholarship recipient may become disqualified after the award is made if his or her enrollment status changes during the term of award in which case the student must return the scholarship fund received.
  8. Should an award be declined or returned, the Financial Aid Committee may apply that award to another applicant. click the link above for more

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